Company dynamics

Sharing is moving from the tuyere to risk

History is always strikingly similar, and now more and more "sharing" entrepreneurship, and two years ago, O2O chaos exactly the same.

The world, all is a benefit. The frenzied pursuit of the wind by the capital and entrepreneurs has led to false prosperity and bubbles. Who wore the so-called "shared" aura, blindly launched entrepreneurial projects will be because of the defects and leave troubles, eventually becoming the moment fireworks.

Recently, sharing project sleep popular attention of the media and the public have a new situation, after last week's explosion was seized, 21, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Administration departments interviewed the person in charge of enterprises "enjoy sharing sleep sleep space", and the removal of the capsule has been set up.

source: surging news reporter Li Jing

Why is the demolition required because of life?.

These shared sleep projects suffered a setback in the opening, which was quite different from previous shared umbrellas and shared basketball. The latter two more problems are demand, and shared sleep is itself a design flaw.

Do not discuss whether these settings in the office area near the shared project just need to sleep, simply observe it before the preparatory work will find that entrepreneurs and investors is to grab the air rush on the line without legal formalities, business license of the project, it will bring people and their consequences don't leave.

Now, 16 places where the sleeping space company has been shut down are jumping into its own pit. This shows a trend, the government departments for innovation and standardization of innovation, orderly, machine supervision will be more stringent, blindfolded before running really need to think about where the red line.

Sharing new species, growing pains

July 15th, media reports said, Beijing Zhongguancun shared bed "sleep space", the door closed, an office official said that the company's shared bed has been seized by the police, the specific reason is not known. It is understood that similar sleep sharing space capsule, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places gradually spread.

New developments have taken place in the past few days. According to Xinhua reported that the Beijing public security organs revealed that the recent emergence of the "shared sleep cabin" investigation found that there are many security and fire hazards.

It is understood that the Beijing Zhongguancun shared sleep capsule belongs to Beijing science and Technology Co. Ltd. all business scope to science and technology development, technical services as the main content, in the city there are many enjoy sleeping capsule placed in space. In Haidian District, Zhongguancun Avenue, a Plaza, two underground space capsule, are about 2.1 meters long, 0.9 meters wide, about 0.9 meters high rectangular space, which can accommodate one person. It is worth emphasizing that the space capsule does not need to register identity information. It can be used only after the registration has been registered by mobile phone.

According to the fire law, the "shared sleeping module" belongs to the hotel, such as the opening of the operation, through the appropriate legal procedures, such as fire administrative approval or filing procedures. In addition, according to the provisions of the "second provisions" of Beijing City Public Security Administration of the hotel industry, providing lodging services to form time to rest place of business, to the local public security organs to apply for the hotel industry special trade license, without permission are not allowed to open.

However, the sleeping space in the relevant laws and regulations, supervision of public security organs, fire safety technical standards and other aspects do not have the appropriate operating qualification. Therefore, the Beijing Public Security Bureau Security Management interviewed the "enjoy sleep space" relevant responsible person, told that it should fulfill the corresponding statutory procedures, such as without permission to operate without permission, will be investigated and dealt with according to law.

In this regard, enjoy sleep space company official said, "I am very grateful to the public security organs in the direction of laws and regulations, the company will strictly abide by the law."." The company did comply with the promise that all 16 space capsule operations in the city had been suspended.

Talk to understand, close also happy, sincerely convinced that. After so many years, caused a tragedy not extinguished cigarette butts, enough to become a lesson.

Blind line can not make the tuyere

Back in 2015, the network about car war, in 2016 shared bike hot, because of huge market demand and user traffic, has been sought after by the capital, and thus triggered a share of the boom.

For a time, sharing the economic tide of entrepreneurship, to share the bicycle enterprises dominate, then continue to emerge to share umbrellas, basketball, washing machine, sharing sharing sharing charging treasure and shared sleep...... The emergence of these shared economic projects has a lot to do with the sharing of bicycles, or even a network of cars, driven by the capital market frenzy.

This situation let understand notes back in 2014 2015, when the tide of O2O, because O2O and other local takeaway service life of hot, capital inflows of hot money, almost every week there financing events, which leads to a lot of people in a hurry on the line of various O2O projects.

However, at that time anxious to seize the wind, attract capital projects, but because of all kinds of hidden dangers and bleak ending. For example, do not have cold chain service capacity of fresh O2O, the lack of a perfect after-sales service mechanism laundry O2O, no personnel safety training of the U.S. industry O2O, have been abandoned by the capital and the market.

However, the reasons for the failure of these projects are not only a legacy of their own, but also a key factor in market demand. And now the sharing of the economy, many projects can not verify the existence of market demand. But what is certain is that some of these projects are similar to those of the year O2O, both to attract capital